Cautionary Tale for Life Insurance Customers

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Cautionary Tale for Life Insurance Customers
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St. Louis, MO: Life is a tricky business full of twists and turns that course quietly through the days and months, and then suddenly, in a moment, bad faith insurance changes everything and an unexpected outcome leaves “what-if-only” thoughts looping through the human brain.

And so it was for a woman from somewhere in the southern US. She prefers the moniker “Average-Mom-of-Three” who is still struggling with a cruel result that no one saw coming.

We’ll call her “AMOT.”

AMOT and her family own a heating and air-conditioning company. It was started by her father-in-law many years ago. He’d become a wealthy and thoughtful man who went to great lengths to ensure that everyone in his family would be well taken care of when it came time for him to shake off his mortal coil.

His wife had died some years before and he had carefully and fairly parceled out property, life annuities, bank accounts, life insurance policies, vehicles and everything else he owned to members of his family. When he died, he wanted everything to pass smoothly with no arguments among the heirs.

Enter one of those life-twists that so frequently int…………… continues on

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Life Insurance Without Medical Examinations
News from Five Reasons Senior Citizens … – Insurance News Net:

(PRWEB) June 20, 2014 has released a new blog post presenting five reasons for having life insurance during retirement.

Having life insurance during retirement is important as senior citizens need to cover high funeral expenses. If an elderly relative passes away without carrying coverage, the surviving family members will have to cover last expenses. Some senior citizens also have mortgage loans active and other debt that can pass to their heirs.

Life insurance is also an opportunity for providing a large inheritance without paying inheritance taxes. Life coverage can be bought at affordable rates from major providers in the country. Senior clients can find plans that can be bought without taking medical examinations.

No medical exam life insurance are accessible to most elderly clients who need fast and accessible financial protection. A plan can be purchased online and customers can compare free online life insurance quotes by simply completing a single questionnaire. The quotes ares elected form only reliable providers.

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Questions and Answers on Life Insurance: The Life Insurance Toolbook
A user-friendly guide to making expert decisions on life insurance policies.Need help facing the constant barrage of information f…

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