Life Insurance Market in BRIC Countries Reviewed in Discounted BRICdata …

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Life Insurance Market in BRIC Countries Reviewed in Discounted BRICdata …
News from The Herald |

— Life insurance is amid the largest sectors of the insurance market. For instance, Brazil’s market for life insurance was evaluated at USD 35 billion in 2011. It is expected to gain over 12 percent per year to amount to USD 56.2 billion by 2016. Meantime, the market demonstrated reduction in India in 2011. It dropped by almost 2 percent year on year. China’s life insurance industry showed stronger performance in the same year. Its premium income enhanced by 7 percent from 2010.

In Russia, however, the life insurance sector is not developed enough. It accounts for around 2.3 percent of the local insurance market. It is forecast to average USD 3.3 billion by 2015.

Discounted market research report “Life Insurance in BRIC Countries: Market Opportunities and Entry Strategies, Analyses and Forecasts to 2015’” developed by BRICdata offers a detailed insight into the life insurance market in BRIC countries. It provides valuable data on the market size, its past and current trends, supply-demand balance and a comprehensive list of industry indicators……………. continues on The Herald |

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Life insurance: Cause or product?
News from LifeHealthPro:

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(AP Photo/Dr. Scott M. Lieberman)

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But, of course, you know that already, assuming you’ve purchased groceries, flipped on the TV or walked down a cosmetics aisle at any point in the last two weeks.

Every October, there seem to be more pink ribbons, more pink-clad 5K run-walkers, more pink-themed yogurts and lipsticks and sweatpants promising to give a percentage of their proceeds to the cause. Breast cancer may be a terrible disease, but it has phenomenal marketing skills.

I can’t help but compare BCAM with last month’s Life Insurance Awareness Month. You, of course, knew it was Life Insurance Awareness Month. (I hope.) But did you know any non-life insurance producers who knew it was?

Maybe it’s an unfair comparison. After all, LIAM is mostly geared toward informing agents, who are expected to then inform consumers. And besides, breast cancer is an unasked-for condition that has…………… continues on LifeHealthPro

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