Reliance Life Insurance Money Multiplier: Double cover with bonuses

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Reliance Life Insurance Money Multiplier: Double cover with bonuses
News from Economic Times:

Product Details

Reliance Life Insurance Money Multiplier is an endowment plan with a double life cover benefit. The scheme also provides for guaranteed annual bonuses that progressively increase every year and a terminal bonus payable to the policyholder if he/she survives till the end of the policy term.

Maturity Gains

Assuming a sum assured (SA) of Rs 10 lakh, for a policy term of 20 years by a healthy male-aged 30 years, the benefits that will accrue at the end of the policy term are illustrated thus…

Key features

In the event of the death of the policyholder, the scheme will pay double the amount of insurance cover (sum assured) to the nominee. Thus, for a sum assured of say Rs 10 lakh, the nominee shall be entitled to receive Rs 20 lakh along with guaranteed bonuses accrued till the death of the policyholder.

Our view

Reliance Money Multiplier Plus scores on its feature of double life cover and annual guaranteed bonuses, not to mention the

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